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Febr 20, 2021, VG Helg
"I sense a void in my heart"

On February 20, 2021 the Norwegian newspaper VG published a 7-pages interview with Angelina in their weekend-supplement "VG Helg".

Angelina tells about life in Los Angeles and how the Covid-19 pandemic affected her.

She also tells about the importance of her family and the background for her first release on the Republic Records label the single "Million Miles".

The article contains several photos, especially made for the occasion.

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VG (Verdens Gang) is the largest newspaper in Norway. Their website is one of the most popular Norwegian websites, always amongst the top 10 of most visited websites from Norway. Ever since Angelina astonished the nation with her audition for Norway got Talent, VG has followed her career closely, publishing several articles and interviews. On Saturdays the newspaper contains a 68-page glossy supplement "VG Helg".

The article was published Febr. 20, 2021, but it is unclear when and how the interview was conducted. At the time of publication there had been a "lock-down" of public life in Los Angeles and other cities/countries for several months already, due to an ongoing pandemic of Covid-19. International travel was restricted at the time. The article refers several times to this lock-down and also to Angelina's first release on the Republic Records label "Million Miles". "Million Miles" was released on Nov. 7, 2020.


The article was written by Marianne Thorshaug Kristiansen, a freelance journalist specializing on entertainment news. Over the years Marianne Thorshaug Kristiansen has published several interviews and feature stories with Angelina, a.o. a larger interview 'at home' in Se og Hør on May 29, 2014 , right after Angelina won Norway got Talent, and this interview in VG in 2017.


The different versions of the article include all together 8 unique and beautiful pictures taken by Los Angeles based photographer Allison Zaucha. Part of the photoshoot was done at the Steinway Piano Gallery at 8801 Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills

On June 2, 2021, Angelina published another photo taken during this photoshoot on her Instagram account.

The on-line version of the article also included 6 pictures for which the source is given as "private", 2 of them not published earlier.


Online version.

A first version of the article was published online on in the "subscribers only"-section early on Febr 20, 2021. According to the website it was updated on March 27, 2021, but no differences have been found between the two online versions. The online version includes several photos from the VG-archive and from "private" which are not featured in the printed version. Amongst others 2 private pictures not published earlier. The online version also includes 4 pictures taken by Allison Zaucha which were not included in the printed version. 

Printed version.

On Febr. 20, 2021, a printed version of the article was published over 7 pages in the weekend supplement of Norwegian newspaper VG. The article includes less pictures from the VG-archive and the "private"-collection, but includes 3 full page-size pictures and 1 half page-size picture taken by Allison Zaucha, which are not featured in the online version of the article. There are also some differences in the text.


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